Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can't see the War for the Rhetoric? Stay tuned, Iran is next

Iraq. Iran. Right now, thanks to the Iraqi war, in part, we're broke. We're way more than broke.

Continually comes the news that we can expect an Iran invasion (yep, by us, the US) soon. Swell.

Are we so personally entrenched in our own self-created financial misery that we cannot even ponder things getting worse or are we just in "modus avoidus"? Have we finally given into Orwellian-speak, grown tired of thinking, or are we just yawning waiting for the gas prices to come down so we can fire up the speedboat for the weekend?

Personally, it seems to me that we might just slap a yellow "Support the Troops" magnet ribbon on the back of our cars and call it a day while our troops are busting their butts--and some are dying--in locations where they shouldn't be in the first place.

Before you set your mind, either way, read this, which includes an interview on the subject with Scott Ritter.

Then read it again and ask yourself exactly what YOU are going to do about it today because the only person that can stop this, is YOU.