Wednesday, July 29, 2009

47 Second Fact Check on Lewin Healthcare Study

During the Congressional August recess, you need to know you are going to see and hear an onslaught of insurance company fear (cue the scary sounds) like you have never seen or heard before. Really. It's true. It's all about their bottom line which they would like to keep to themselves.

And it is about stopping healthcare reform.

This is going to be the modern Ebenezer Scrooge August. No, you can't have more. In fact most of you are going to pay more (gotten you rate increase raise notice yet?) for less, with more insurance companies telling you no.

What a bargain!

So let's stop for a moment and see what your congressional members might try to pull over your eyes in town halls while they are home. You in the south, pay particularly close attention.

Some of you may have already heard about the Lewin Study, the group the GOP has been referencing for the last month or so (30 seconds, and interesting and funny):


Alrighty then. So much for the Lewin Study. Check.

Stay tuned: Tomorrow we are going to take a look at another issue... and likewise all through August.