Monday, September 14, 2009

US Physicians Across All Specialties and Geography Support Public Option

Well, now. It would appear that those physicians claiming that doctors not only don't like Medicare but don't support a public option are incorrect.

A new study released today shows they do, in fact, support both:

Overall, a majority of physicians (62.9%) supported public and private options (see Panel A of graph). Only 27.3% supported offering private options only. Respondents — across all demographic subgroups, specialties, practice locations, and practice types — showed majority support (>57.4%) for the inclusion of a public option (see Table 1). Primary care providers were the most likely to support a public option (65.2%); among the other specialty groups, the “other” physicians — those in fields that generally have less regular direct contact with patients, such as radiology, anesthesiology, and nuclear medicine — were the least likely to support a public option, though 57.4% did so. Physicians in every census region showed majority support for a public option, with percentages in favor ranging from 58.9% in the South to 69.7% in the Northeast. Practice owners were less likely than nonowners to support a public option (59.7% vs. 67.1%, P<0.001),> it. Finally, there was also majority support for a public option among AMA members (62.2%). [emphasis mine]

I strongly suggest that you read then take the journal report with you to town hall meetings, and also send it to your representatives and senators.

This is very powerful stuff.

Hat tip: Helenann dKos