Friday, October 23, 2009

Update 2 on Kittens

Warning: Those of you sensitive to eye or cat neglect issues may not want to view this. It is very graphic. But you might!

As in Update 1, only good news! All of the second eight kittens (those we lovingly call the 'Space' kittens) were cleared for spay/neuter and given their first fvrcpc vaccine. As of tomorrow, they will have been here four weeks.

And there is increasing hope for three of these eight, Venus, Galaxy and Saturn.

Five have now, also been cleared for enucleation (removal) of a damaged or missing eye, four of these are 'Space' kittens, the fifth is Swiss (a 'cheese and nuts' kitten):

1. Mercury at vet 9-30-09:

Mercury at vet 10-22-09

This little black domestic shorthair is a fireball! He loves to play and is hardly the lethargic mop he was coming in. As for his eye, we never had ANY hope of saving this eye. The pupil has detached and pierced the cornea. He will be a one-eyed, healthy and happy kitty really soon!

2. Mars at vet 10-30-09

Mars at vet (pic taken on 10-22-09 did not turn out well)

This is a gorgeous and nice domestic medium haired kitten whose eye (in this case, hardly ANY eye) we knew we couldn't save. Nonetheless, he is now healthy and playing up a storm with his kitten buddies and soon will be a happy little one-eyed kitten.

3. Comet at vet 9-30-09

Comet at vet 10-22-09

Comet is a little shyer than most of the kittens, but is coming right along! Loves to play and will be a super little guy who will need a bit of understanding and a LOT of love at first. Like Mercury and Mars, there was never any hope of saving his eye, but he is a beautiful and healthy little guy now and will soon be going in for his eye surgery.

4. Black Hole at vet 9-30-09

Black Hole at vet 10-22-09

Black Hole is a wascally little guy and will make a great addition to a kind kitten family (hopefully with a sibling!). We knew up front we could not save his eye, so his release for surgery--meaning his good health--is wonderful. And look at his healthy and perfect left eye! Outstanding!

Now for OTHER great news!

1. Galaxy's R eye--one we were not even sure existed as we could not see it at all--has been saved! We are working to continue clearing the eye and have changed medications, as have we with Venus and Saturn, below. Galaxy's best eye (L) is getting better all the time and is now saved. We do need to continue to work on this eye, but Galaxy WILL be a sighted kitten, and unless something goes south, will have binocular vision!

Galaxy at vet 10-14-09 (two weeks after first visit, I cannot locate original photo, but it was dismal)

Galaxy at vet 10-22-09

2. Saturnphoto at vet 9-30-09

Saturn at vet 10-22-09

The change in Saturn's right eye is subtle, but enough to warrant a hold on removal and a change in medication. The vet was pleasantly surprised. This is a GREAT little kitten.

3. Venus at vet 10-14-09

Venus at vet 10-22-09

I don't know if you can appreciate the change in Venus's eyes fully, but the vet seemed cautiously excited. We think she sees something, and the eyes look very different from just a week earlier. Venus has a lot going on here. She is entropian in her right eye lid (lashes growing in, not out, which, if she keeps her eye has to be surgically changed), and on the left, we are not sure if her third eyelid has adhered to her cornea. But there is HOPE! If we can save even one eye, and that eye has partial sight, she will not have to live in darkness her entire life. This is a fabulous kitten the vet just fell in love with.

So please, keep up the prayers for these 'Space' kittens. Several still have a ways to go!

Jupiter, the glaucoma kitten, remains unchanged. He WILL have to have his right eye removed, but first we have to do an ultrasound of his heart given the loud IV/VI heart murmur. So, we're working on getting that set up. Jupiter is, perhaps, the most shy of the bunch.

And for tomorrow... UPDATE 3 and pics of the two healthy 4wo kittens that were born here from one of the hoarder mom cats, Little Star, the day after she arrived! Captain Greybeard and Captain White Blaze will charm your hearts!