Thursday, December 3, 2009

Farewell to Kiki (aka Coffee Cat)

On April 8, 2008, Kiki was handed over to us by friends of a woman dying of cancer. What wonderful friends.

In times of crisis, families are often overwhelmed and/or careless about placing the beloved companions of those dying or recently deceased. Sadly, many are driven to the local shelter almost immediately which--especially for cats--almost guarantees their death(s).

Kiki was taken to our vet and diagnosed at that time with renal failure (chronic renal failure, or CRF) and stomatitis (which is a very painful mouth disease). Our job was to do the best we possibly could for her to keep her comfortable and as healthy as we could for the remainder of her life given she was obviously unadoptable.

What a gift this little cat was! She loved everyone and everything that came near her. She was perfectly fitted to be a rescue house cat!

On meds and given specific foods, Kiki did very well until the last several days of her life. She had her ups and downs but always came through. This time it was not to be.

So, on Tuesday, we sent Kiki--aka Coffee Cat--to the bridge holding and reassuring her as she departed this world for another.

The bell tolls for Kiki. Godspeed little Coffee Cat. We sure miss you.