Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ah... The Mere Brilliance of it All

--Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

I got a kick out of this blogger's take on Rick Santorum's recent whine on gay marriage.

This LA Times article on Newt Gingrich should be archived if only to refer to it every time one of your GOP friend says just how moral and smart (and what great political instincts and skills) he is. History is your friend.

The economy appears to be improving. That might be a bad thing for all those that hope it doesn't because of their hatred for our president. In CA, however, we have our own set of problems. Read this which includes some really super info and great graphics and notations. Be happy!

This... without explanation... bears reading. It says a lot about the difference in two kinds of politicians and men.

And finally, just to cheer you up (heh):