Friday, June 19, 2009

Legislative Action for EVERYONE on Fed LGBT Legislation

Now, before you do this, I want to give you a cheap way to contact your legislators. AND everyone reading this--many of you from TEC--need to make these calls.

Here's a toll-free number to use: 800-828-0498. Just ask for your legislator.

Also, write and e-mail: here is a site with the information to do so.
US Senate
US House of Representatives

Keep your letters short, nice (if terse) and to the point.


Those of you sensitive for one reason or another on dKos... please set that aside. Just don't read the comments, and you don't have to comment. But Please (and you know who you are!) read this post and get busy cross-posting on your sites and to your personal e-mail lists to get this done.

Every person that comes here needs to do this. Change happens from the bottom up.

This is activist work. You are activists. Do it. If you aren't an activist, start being one. It is how change happens.