Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm SO Disappointed...

Those of you following the fate of the 24 Lancaster cats/kittens know that we have been holding out GREAT hope for one wee kitten, only 17wo, Mazarella, to keep one eye. We KNOW she can see something. Cat's don't chase things like she does (well, chase is too grand a word... perhaps bat-at) if they are completely blind.

Sadly, it turns out that the untreated herpes caused a prolapsed Iris (Iris bomb), and she has to have the only seeing eye (be that as it may) removed. So, Mazzie, as of tonight, is now blind.

I'm really heartbroken, actually. And I am madder than hell at the woman that caused all this.

Blind kittens, like puppies, learn differently about the world, and she will adjust. But my dear God, WHY did this have to turn out this way? (rhetorical question)

I'm not mad at God. God didn't do this. An emotionally unstable and perhaps psychologically unbalanced human caused this.

I am so terribly disappointed.

Mazzie will come home to total darkness. Instead of needing to be by the window to watch the hummingbirds (yes, we still have them), she could as well live in a cave.

I know she will do better than I will with this. Nonetheless, I feel terrible.

This is a beautiful and sweet little girl kitten that just didn't deserve this.

I am bouncing between near rage and deep, deep sorrow.