Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Howard Dean on Public Option (video)

There are two three outstanding interviews done today with Dr. Gov. Chairman (!) Howard Dean on health care reform and the public option, etc.

Please note... if you REALLY want to understand what is going on after the whipsaw weekend, go to my first post from today, below, and see the shake out from yesterday which was rather incredible.

Here are the three videos and they are VERY telling about how not only health care reform will get passed, but passed with the public option and WHY the public option is necessary.

If you don't understand the public option OR co-ops, this will help you.

He also addresses:

Co Ops (excellent discussion, second video)
Economies of Scale
Public Option (third video and others)

The first video, from MSNBC's Morning Joe 8/17 (today):

Dr. Dean on Dr. Nancy's Show on Co-ops etc. 8/17 (today):

From the Today Show (8/17 (today):

My goal in doing all of this is to help you sort out the wheat/chaff and to sort of distill some of the arguments of the day. The postings will be getting far more frequent now as this is becoming a battle of lines and lies drawn.

I hope this is helpful to you. This is the most important legislation since Civil Rights Legislation of the 1960s and is now or never.