Friday, August 14, 2009

Lawrence ODonnell Rips on TX Congressman Culberson

Boy, this is absolutely worth watching! The hypocrisy!

Go Lawrence! Rep. Culberson is lying through his teeth.

As for him saying that no one has proposed eliminating Medicare, Culberson isn't doing his homework. Recently, during the House Energy and Commerce hearings on HR3200, Rep. Weiner (D-NY) did exactly that: He offered to the republicans who call HR3200 socialism (without telling their constituents they support/oppose Medicare which clearly IS socialism) a chance to shut down Medicare through an amendment. He, like many of us, are sick and tired of the socialism meme.

You can watch Weiner take on the Republicans below. It is a beautiful thing:

I challenge ANYONE to a discussion about how this country is not ALREADY a socialist country given tax moneys are collected then distributed for:

Fire Departments
Health Clinics
Sarah Palin's famous Bridge to Nowhere
Military funding including the National Guard
Farm programs
Animal Shelters
Housing renewal projects
Social Security

And now health care.

Everyone needs to stop with the socialism meme. It's not credible, not factual and designed to illicit some strange response (especially in the same crowd with people calling healthcare Marxism, Fascism, Nazism etc.) from those in the nitwit category.

The level of ridiculousness has reached a new and appalling height.

Hat tip to theone718 at dKos.