Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Mom Needs Your Prayers, and So Do I and So Do The Rescue Animals

I received a giant jolt today. They believe my 95yo mom may have multiple myeloma.

I don't have the time right now to post much more about it than to send you here.

I have asked other rescues to take my animal rescues off my hands so I can clear my plate. I have gotten a few responses and sure hope to get more. In this economic environment, for every one animal I place well, I have at least 60 requests (and these would make you cry) to take animals that have no place to go because of death, foreclosure, homelessness... The list is long.

Every day that I open my e-mail, I pray to God that things will change. And I open my e-mail a lot. So, I pray a lot.

I have always lived on the edge, emotionally, as this is what people in rescue do every minute of their lives. If you have not done it, you have no idea.

Rescue is emotionally painful to the max. The suffering we see--both animal and human--is over the top. Many of us become shells of people. Some of us become suffering saints. Some work their abilities to brave new worlds (like Best Friends in Utah). Some fall to the depths of despair (and this is usually really awful and involves dead animals). With the exception of the last, most of us are a combination of all of these to one extent or another. And there are lots of dark spots in that mix as life intercedes as it always does.

I have three cats coming in this week. The people are depending on me as their last resort and I have made a commitment. What a mess. The cats will, indeed, come in and be safe even if they have to stay at the vet until I can get my feet on some kind of land again. If I do not do that, they will be taken to the shelter where, right now, over 80% of cats are being killed. It's kitten season. These little ones are being killed too.

So please, will you... will you PLEASE say a prayer for my mom? I am her only caregiver and I am scared shitless right now. My life is even more upside-down than it was six months ago.

Hard to believe that is even possible.