Saturday, May 30, 2009

LGBT News For The Day

Meet in the Middle Live Feed here. It takes a while to load and jumps or stalls every now or then, but hang in there... some great speakers.

As LGBT folks and their supporters march through Fresno, CA as this is being typed, kicking off the next battle for marriage equality in the state, New Hampshire is poised next week to make same gender marriage legal.

On May sixth of this year, the District of Columbia's City Council approved, 12-1, a measure which would recognize LGBT marriages from out of state. This has some breath taking implications which could force the hand of the US Congress and the President.

A Bill has been introduced to legalize LGBT marriage in New York.

Update: Here is a vid on New York's Governor Patterson on the topic. Hat tip to JeremiahFP at dKos:

Maryland is looking at the question of whether to recognize LGBT marriages from other states.

Update: Illinois votes on Civil Unions tomorrow, May 31, the last day of session.

Here is an NPR interactive map showing the disposition of LGBT "marriage" in each state with historical discussion on the issue for each state. Domestic partnerships/civil unions are called out separately.