Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My New Old Job

Some things never change, but do, but not quite. Or something like that.

Out of the blue, and in alignment with my prayers for more work, I got a call from a dog rescue which I used to run a kennel for. It was a disaster when I started--the kennel that is. It took me almost three months of very intense work to spit shine that baby into something to be really proud of... rain and shine, fires and drought. The dogs were fed and exercised properly, the place was spit-shined, the owner was happy as a clam and I didn't have to deal with stupid humans who often have very weird ideas about dogs and what they like or need.

Despite eight years of college (and a whole lot of additional classes of interest), I chose not to go into my field of education as I couldn't square my environmental leanings to the industry. Later, recruited by the community to work on land use (read development), my science background helped me to parse the truth from the bullshit (more bull than truth in these things) in environmental impact reports (EIRs). If you have ever read one, you probably thought all was okay. Trust me... it's NEVER okay. Never.

I am probably one of the best educated shit scrubbers in the biz. Well, maybe not. I do have a friend that left a law practice to do the same. Shit and law have a lot more connection than geology/biology and dogs and cats unless you are in the field of animal testing or vivisection and if you are, I curse you.

Anyway... so I get the help call (read SOS) and now I work, again, for a woman that somehow just doesn't seem to attract people that have a clue as to how to run a kennel. But this time, the dynamics are VERY different and extremely challenging. Just my cup of Joe.

Cut to the chase...

I am now working 14 hour days so if I am absent a bit, please forgive me. The really cool part is now, JUST WHEN NEEDED, I will have the money to defend a piece of property in court that I have been working on for almost 25 years... a little less than half my life. This land is incredibly important to save not only for the plant/animal particulars (including endangered species), but for connectivity to already acquired lands which is important to large mammals.

So... sore and tired as I am, I am thrilled, exhilarated and challenged.

Thanks Be To God... and God, I really mean that.