Sunday, May 3, 2009

Noodle, Happy Fifth Week Birthday! Welcome Fioria!

Noodle, the enormous kitty, turns five weeks old today! AND, my wonderful foster found him a kitten sister about his age (but smaller... gosh how could ANY kitten be as huge as this monster?!) so he can learn to do kitten things in order to become a better CAT. Single kittens don't tend to be very well adjusted, and, wisely, she is tossing that option!

Mom was VERY upset at first, refusing to accept Fioria and swatting everything in sight, but after 24 hours, she was nursing both Noodle and his new sister both of which are weaning. Mom Ragu is a great mom and extremely protective.

So... also welcome Fioria!

Here we go!

First, here is our boy, Noodle! Note his eyes have lost almost all their "baby" blue color, and he is going to have gorgeous green eyes! You can age kittens about this age by their teeth and eye color.

Meet Fioria (on the left)! WAAAAAAAAY to cute, these two, who my foster color coordinated. Having a kitten attack yet?

Here they are in repose, Noodle in the front, Fioria rear.

And here are Fioria and Noodle doing exactly what they should be doing! Being able to save another kitten from death is a really nice thing. The kill rate at shelters right now is sky high.

And, of course, every- one has to eat... Ragu nursing Noodle and her new adopted daughter, Fioria.