Monday, December 29, 2008

Bishop Robinson on Rick Warren + Life Stuff

Update: The Nation has an article running entitled, Episcopal Church Splits Over Gay Equality. Read it here.

From Beliefnet, read it here.

On a personal note, the exterior of my house is now done. You have no idea how extraordinary that is after nine years or so! I am sure my very kind and patient neighbors are delighted. In fact, I know they are:) They have had a nifty view of every color or tarp, in various sizes, for years.

Now I just need to seal the boxed eaves with silicone (helps with fireproofing, these are what they call 45 minutes eaves... LOL... giving a burn time just sounds so weird), then screen the three vents to keep embers out (fire batt chief friends have told me what to do, oddly, not required by code yet this is the most common way homes catch on fire from embers), then in the spring, paint... and NO I am not going to paint myself. I will try a few colors first, then make a decision, but that's as far as this ol dog goes with painting.

My version of painting? Get the sprayer and anything that gets in the way, animal, vegetable or mineral, gets it. Trust me. Me painting should be outlawed.

Now I have to find the electrician and see how much he will charge me to finish the electrical which scares the hell out of me here. Only about 1/2 of my house, right now, has electrical and we have no heat other than little heaters and they drive me crazy with the animals and are energy inefficient.

Then the windows... oooo. Windows. I have windows in almost all the house, but one room doesn't. Screen, yes. Dual pane (the only thing you can put in here), no. Some, for privacy reasons, will be stained glass. I am designing one with a religious theme so anyone knowing sites that have info on religious symbolism, please share!

Then heat. Then work on inside... tearing the interior walls out and insulating, finishing the bathroom and kitchen. Then rebuilding and extending the deck. I might sneak a second bathroom in while I am at it, but this will all take several years.

Then flooring, which is the hardest part of all given the animals. Still trying to decide on whether hardwood or linoleum. Probably the former except in the kitchen (probably will tile with mex tiles) and bath (the entire thing will be tile, for the most part).

The last (and my fav part) is re-landscaping. I can hardly wait. I LOVE to work with plants. The dogs are a terror on them, so I have to consider that plus consider toxicity. Should be interesting and I have already begun research, just because, well, it's neato.

Of course, in the meantime, I have taken on the great storage area... argh, and I already have four trash cans full of STUFF. Not even usable stuff. Just stuff. And a pile of stuff to go to the toxics dump... paints, unlabeled liquids (fertilizers, probably, but who knows). When the x left, he left a LOT of stuff and I have no clue what some of it is. Then, I attack the area under the house (this will be awful... we have a ton of every kind of vermin here in the wild lands imaginable) so it's a full breathing mask situation. Dreading that.

And as far as the herd of minions goes...

Still struggling with the lost Spencer's brother, Chuck, trying to get him on his feet. S L O W process, and he is not out of the woods. Please keep Chuck on your prayer list, would you?

George and Bambi, the two 15yo all black fosters who are hyperthyroid, are getting meds but George isn't responding yet. He gets a blood test in about another 2.5 weeks and then we readjust the meds as needed. In the meantime, we have put him on a higher protein (and, I might add, incredibly expensive) food.

Kahn (pic above)has lost four pounds! Yeah! He is a foster for a woman in drug/alcohol rehab. He weighed 21 pounds when he came in. He will go to the vet next week for another looksie and we will set another weight goal. His brother, Kezo, has lost two pounds. GREAT! Poor Kahn was so fat he couldn't groom himself and was literally a slug. He's doing a lot more moving around now (no doubt trying to scout out the illusive former open-feeding bowl... haha, that won't happen here! Open feeding is a No!- No!). As you can see, he is a character. This is one of my favorite pics of him... especially considering what he chose to pose on.

Whaler has lost 8 pounds. He weighed 25 pounds when he came in and was incredibly sick. Talk about a food thief:) Have to put THAT boy in a dog crate while feeding he is such a food vacuum. He's going in for blood work, too.

Two ear infections, one in a cat, one in a dog... weird. Just showed up out of the blue. My med charts are getting quite long.

And... ARGH... I found my first tick of the season. Gads I hate those things, and I found it on ME... GRRRRRR. Tick season never really leaves here, given the wild lands, but we tend to get a short break in the fall for some reason. Early for ticks, so I am not a happy camper.

So much for the news here at For Pete's Sake! Rescue.

Hope all is well with each of you!