Sunday, December 21, 2008

How Greed Has Changed One Life

I received this today from another dog rescuer.

It makes me so angry and brings me to tears. I am trying to find a foster until I can take the dog in, but I do not have a place for the human, so I am trying to find a solution for her.

We absolutely HAVE to do something about this foreclosure situation. These are PEOPLE we are talking about! These are not failed businesses, they don't get million dollar bonuses. Some have no place to go. And that is the best of it.

Won't you take a minute, copy this plea and send to your US Senators and Congressional members asking them to deal with this NOW?

If this short plea doesn't hit the bullseye then nothing can.

I have lost my house in foreclosure and am living in it illegally with my 8 year old dog. She is German Shepherd/husky mix and I need to find her a home immediately. I have had her since she was a pup and living without her seems unfullfilling and blank. I dont know whre I will go and am considering suicide but I must find her a home before the animal control comes back and seizes her and takes her to her death. I dont even want to live without her but the immportant thing is that someone TAKE HER NOw .......Can u help us? Txxxx (661)944-xxxxanytime [sic]

Link to your U.S. Senate/House members is here.