Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is VERY Good News!

I am happy to report that Obama has chosen Dr. Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner, as his nominee for Secretary of Energy. Can you imagine! Science back in the cabinet!

You can read about the choice here at the NY Times.

For you science types, here is an hour-long video with Chu:

Also chosen are:

Carol Browner, former head of EPA under Bill Clinton (good choice) to head energy policy from the White House.

Lisa Jackson, chosen to be EPA administrator

Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley was chosen to be chairwoman of the president's Council on Environmental Quality.

I cannot speak to Jackson or Sutley, but Browner was pretty darned good.

Steven Chu's one position that I oppose is increased use of nuclear power. He has stated, though, that the waste is a huge problem to solve so I do give him credit there. He does have some viable alternatives, on their face, to Yucca Mountain for high-level radioactive waste and that is good. It is NOT going to be an easy subject to solve.

Science back in the cabinet? Science back in the white house? Good grief, change is coming!