Monday, December 8, 2008

Colds, Flu GAH!

To say that I always get sick this time of year just started in the last eight or nine years. It started when my house rehab (loss of heat, etc.) started. And I am NOT going to say I get sick every year about this time. Won't. Will not.

Trouble is, I am sick again. Gah!

My throat feels like a race car just peeled out and left smoke and rubber behind. My head feels like it is the size of my car. My lungs are most unhappy. And... it just pisses me off! I just don't like being sick.

So there. Nuff said. (cough cough)


Well, animal news, as always, is mixed.

My two new senior (blacks, both 15, Bambi and George) cat fosters are BOTH hyperthyroid. This is the BEST of the possible diagnoses, and I am actually thrilled about it. Diabetes and kidney failure were the other two, so you can see why. This is easy (of course all things are relative): Get the pills down the cats twice a day, redo bloodwork in a month. Snapola! Liking this a lot. Greatly relieved.

They are both eating now, though Bambi is having a bit of behavior snitting as she doesn't like pills, doesn't like other cats, and to date is not wild about me. That will change... and I keep reminding her of this little factoid.

Spencer is now doing quite a lot better. Spencer is the classic example of why NEVER to feed fish to a cat. He is totally addicted, and many cats DO become centered on fish, though taste testing in cats shows fish is actually the LAST of the five meat options preferred (believe it or not, they fall in this order: beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish). But the problem is, once they get hooked on fish it is hell in a handbasket to get them away from it. I am mixing beef or chicken in with the fish... to start a gradual transition, but for now, he MUST eat and get his strength back.

PLUS fish is really polluted and from a health perspective should really not be fed to a cat anymore, even if fresh, and particularly if a farmed fish. (Crap... we just cannot get it together to protect our food sources. Fish isn't safe anymore (at least most kinds) for humans, either.)

Now Chuck is not feeling so well, again. Argh. He is not eating as well, not as expressive... oy. Just when I get one of the two brothers on his feet, the other goes sideways again.

And, as always, in the midst of it all... someone brings me a kitten that is living with a homeless man in a metal boxcar. His name is Timmie.

What a cutie Timmie is. He was awfully hungry, but other than that and the typical ear/intestinal parasites, he is doing quite well. Nice little kitten. Thank God it was not September and 110 degrees outside.

Three of my little guys (doggies), Wrigley, BeBe and Darla, are leaving tomorrow for another small dog rescue. In return, I am taking in a 25 lb. 13wo GSD x pup, Hank. I will miss the little guys, but am sure that Hank will be lots of fun for the other dogs his size. Nice when rescues can help one another.


The outside of the house is almost done, now. One more day of finish texturing and that's it. Then I have to silicone seal the eave boxes and in the spring, paint. Been waiting a lot of years for this, so very exciting. Then I move on to the electrical work.