Thursday, December 4, 2008

The pounding is over, and up goes the concrete!

Oy... after computer problems, I am finally back.

For some of you that have known me a long, long time, you know my home has been in a constant state of repair/construction/replacement. Some years back, we cut the whole top of the house off and put on a pitched, three section roof. We had a flat roof which was causing multiple problems in oh... so many ways. When it leaked finally, I lost almost everything but my piano and a couple of small items. I had every bucket, pan, bowl... tarp... in the neighborhood. Finally an old friend went and bought this ENORMOUS tarp that covered the whole house... hehehe. It was like living in a cave as it went clear to the ground in places. Was hysterical! And "space silver" in color, no less.

Home improvement sucks often. Mine sure has. For instance, I have not had heat for about 8 years. When it gets below 50, I get out the portable heater and get it up to 65 at night. The cats have heat boards. Lucky them.

While the electrical was being done (phase 1), I took cold showers for almost a year in all months of the year. Try THAT in a house that is 40 degrees in the morning. I always thought Yoko Ono was a nut for taking ice baths. Now I know she is.

Also, I do not have electricity in each room (most but not all) as we were waiting to pull it through the walls when the interior walls were taken out to insulate and re-do, to save costs.

But the BIGGEST issue has been sealing up the outside of the house (the view from indoor/outdoor has been interesting for about 7 years!). Well, see here, it is finally getting done!

This lovely mason came around looking for work shortly after my homeowners ins. co. cancelled me for exterior reasons (surprised they didn't do this long ago, actually!). He has been doing residential exteriors, rock walls, sidewalks for 23 years. He needed the work, and I needed it done. He and his worker friend, have been here for a week now. They are no longer afraid of my dogs (that did take some doing! But being greeted by 10 dogs, four of which are 80 lbs. can be startling, at the very least!). One of my little dogs ADORES these guys... it's funny to watch. He would much rather be with them than me. He LOVES men. Every worker that has ever come here--of the male gender--turns into his new best friend.

Anyway, here are the pics... and you have NO idea how happy this makes me! It has been a VERY long time coming.

Well, all this pounding is driving me nuts... but well worth it! They have finished the front by the door (day 1), are finishing the part by the sidewalk (day 2), back towards John's (day 2) , the side toward the Hatches (day 2), and will finish the deck side on Day 3.

Now to think about the electrical as soon as I get my thousands of dollars from the state's lost/found account some of which has been there for at least 8 years. I kept it aside as a house savings account. You laugh? Hehe, it's true. It was my way of making sure I didn't spend it.

Oh, and a new little kitten (living in a metal storage unit) has also entered my life. A little Maine Coon Mix doll. Pics later.