Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Iowa Supremes Case on Same Gender Marriage + Other Nifty News

Desmoinesdem over at Daily Kos does an excellent job of covering Iowa state's litigation on same sex marriage in this piece, Recap and analysis of Iowa Supreme Court's gay marriage hearing. I highly recommend it.

Then read this very sweet and powerful diary of a child of assumed het parents that divorced, raised by a loving lesbian couple. VERY powerful. Very wonderful.


Big week for two of my lovely minions.

Hank, the dobie/hound mix, is leaving for his new home Thursday, and today is the first day he has had his cone off... so he got smothered in fun toys (they can't play with toys with a cone on because they can't hold the toys between their feet!).

He's all worn out now after having a super fun time.

And he has a whole 'nother pile of toys to take with him he hasn't even tested yet. What a lucky dog!

And by lucky I mean lucky. His adoptive parents have a therapy dog already and Hank is already signed up for classes to do the same thing. This, after being on the death list at the shelter is quite a change.

Little wee Timmi, the kitten of a homeless man living in a container, is now fully vetted and spayed and healthy and is getting transported *by a volunteer* to a rescue I foster for that will be taking her in to place. Lucky girl. I wish they all had such a chance. What a lucky kitten.

This kitten is going to a Persian Breed rescue... and note, she is hardly a Persian! More like a DLH tiger or at best a Maine Coon Mix.

I thank God every single day that there are people to help these animals from the Samaritan that picks them up out of the gutter to those that help them through their health needs (in sickness and in health), the wonderful veterinarians that have low cost spay and neuter clinics (believe me, this isn't just about money, some really do care!), and those that are willing to haul them from one location--sometimes hundreds of miles or perhaps a series of people collectively taking them thousands of miles--to their rescue or perhaps their furrever home.

ANYONE that says animal rescue work doesn't take a village hasn't done it!