Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Everyone! (+ a news video)

There are many of you that come here that are not Episcopalian, let alone Christian... let alone any other spiritual belief. So I offer you a very happy holiday! This is actually my favorite time of year!

We had dinner at my mom's (I cooked) and here is a nice picture of her with her dear tenant, Robert. Mom will be 95 in January.

Here is a picture of the local mountains covered in snow. I live in there somewhere:) In my 34 or 35 years here, I have NEVER seen these mountains (in the center is Saddleback Peak) like this. It has been just incredibly cold (oy, my electric bill!), and lots of rain this year. Normally, we get our rain in January and February, so if this continues, we will have a very good rain year which we certainly need.

In the 2007 burn area, though, it is still wrecking havoc. Many continually struggle with debris flows, etc. These many folks are still so very harmed by the arsonist. It is terribly sad.

Much has been said about the civil rights Methodist minister Joseph Lowery giving the Benediction at Obama's inaugural. One of the things said is that he supports gay marriage. He doesn't.

You can watch the MSNBC vid here where, in his own words, he struggles with the term.