Friday, April 3, 2009

Action for Today (the first in a series)

Ya'll that read this blog know how much I love both domestic animals and wildlife. I have considered, for a while, doing a day of action for animals, or including in my posts an action a day for the animals.

Will you help?

Today's actions involve wolves.

As you know, along with the Alaskan slaughter of wolves, President Obama's Department of Interior Secretary, the now-evil Ken Salazar, has ok'd the slaughter of wolves in several Rocky Mountain states. It would be wrong in any course, but the fact is that the second a wolf steps off federal land in these states, they can be shot. And have been. AND will continue to be shot unless people band together to stop this.

The groups that are coalescing to stop this senseless slaughter are many, but they cannot do it without me and you. So...

Please watch this short one minute video (not upsetting) from Defenders of Wildlife, a group which has done much to help the wolves in both Alaska and the Rockies.

Now, click here and send a message to President Obama that Salazar's action is wrong.

Each of us is responsible for God's creation. Let us not mouth the words only, but believe it in our hearts and sustain it with our actions.