Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Tea Party

Tea around here is short for tequila. In fact (and MP will probably scold me) there isn't a tea bag in sight around here. Right now, neither is in sight.

So... Rachel Maddow takes on the (non-liquid) "tea party" topic with a Libertarian:

So much for the tea parties. I really couldn't care much though Stephen Gordon, the character being interviewed, has a decent--if droll--take on Newt. Having lived most of my life in both libertarian and GOP country, I find neither attractive or sound.

The interesting thing about all this is the politics and infighting amid the skeleton of the GOP which is now riding the tea party "wave", including Newt Gingrich who was pretty much driven out of congress a decade ago by his brethren.

Newt's been all over the news lately and in some funny ways; saying the president was weak on the recent piracy issue (to have it resolved just hours later), and attacking Obama on failing to militarily intervene in North Korea's recent antics. Every time we turn around, some GOP nut like Newt is suggesting we blow someone different out of the water.

As one writer put it recently, "Newt just won't shut up." To that, I might just lift a toast.

But, as predicted, the fringers are out in force. You might really be surprised at the signs at these protests. Go here, to the Huff Post, to check the photos, and here to check the vids.