Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Well, though I am totally in a spiritual funk (today's not the time to elaborate), I did listen to some services and some really cool music so I don't feel completely lost.

I did spend the day doing taxes, however, catching up on my animal microchip forms and animal files, sleuthing some chipping problems that I have had trouble dealing with for months. I finally got really FIRM with AVID and told them they need to get this stuff solved and quit goofing around. I stashed the Home Again chip info somewhere... for safety... and now can't find it. Sigh. My memory!

The Noodle is two weeks old today, and his eyes are open. Check these photos out!

The relative size of this kitten to his normal-sized mom should give you an idea how incredibly HUGE he is! I wouldn't be surprised if this kitten grows to be 18 pounds AT GOOD WEIGHT. I have never in my life seen such a huge kitten.

And And what a cute and fuzzy little face!

Last year, I had taken in a cat who had her babies ON Easter, thus we named them "Easter and the Eggs". Five little wee ones, normal sized. The vet didn't thinks she was very far along, and boy was SHE wrong!

THIS is a really nifty site on kitten development with pics that I think you will enjoy.

Right now, as we know and the text confirms, Noodle is still virtually blind though his eyes are open, and notice his ears are not away from his head yet. His main goal in life is to eat and sleep. His sense of smell works, but not much else:)

On another cat note, Kizo may have a home. I sure hope so as the woman interested is really into cats and has taken a lot of time to do reading over the years so really gets the importance of appropriate diet and was just excellent with him! Kizo came to me with his brother Kahn from a woman going into drug/alcohol rehab. I was VERY reluctant to take them in given how busy we are because I just knew they would end up here rather than, as the owner suggested, here for nine months and she would pay all expenses. Well, I was right. Sigh.

But, as it turns out, it was for the better. We have gotten 7.5 pounds off of Kahn, and about 5.0 pounds off Kizo. Both were obese. Obesity in cats is no laughing matter. It can and does lead to diabetes, and dry food (along with open feeding) is the major culprit. They are both extremely healthy now, and Kizo is at weight. Kahn is almost there.

Here's Kahn, and I have to tell you, this is just SUCH an appropriate photo for him!

So, from all of us, we hope you have a very wonderful and meaningful day!

And Kahn says... don't eat too, too much!