Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Very Kewl:) The Scraper Award

Better late than nevah!

Well thanks to Leonardo, I have received the Scrap Award. Kewl, thanks, Leonardo.

I have been putting off thinking about this because of the 10 things to say about yourself. Some things are easy for me, and some things are not.

Thanks, Leonardo! Back atcha:)

One of the requirements of the award is that I list ten things about myself. Gads, hard to pick ten truths about myself that would seem relevant or interesting among, probably, the thousands of declarations I could make.

Also, we must award seven others. That part is easy. So many, many great bloggers.

So... the Ten Things:

1. I have a rat living in my SUV and it is driving me nuts. Go here for more.

2. I deal with illness and death all the time in animal rescue. It worries me that I might ever become staid or nonchalant about it. It's painful and human defense is natural. I have been in rescue for a long time and it worries me.

3. See above. I worry too much.

4. I had a child at barely 16.

5. I miss my ex. I have no one to play tennis with. Such a nice man. Fun to play tennis with. (5a would be... LOVE being single.)

6. I love my mom, and in many, many ways deeply respect her, but just don't like her sometimes. Control and guilt are not my thing.

7. I haven't taken a vacation since 1996. Not even for two days. I'm nuts.

8. As a cancer survivor, I am very, very worried about my health. I have not gone to the doctor for years... as in over a decade, at least. I have no medical insurance and if you are a cancer survivor, you know the cost of paying insurance monthly which defies my income. I know something is wrong but am now afraid to go anywhere and can't pay for it, besides. Sucks.

9. I don't like the color yellow. (note my blog has a yellowish tinge... but is not, NOT yellow).

10. I don't believe in the physical resurrection of Christ. Sorry. Off my list of acceptable. Nor do I care about whether Mary was or was not a virgin. Neither makes any difference to me, nor does it matter.

Okay, now the seven receivers...

1. Fran I Am. She makes me laugh and has little restraint. Just the kind Just Another Black Sheep so likes.

2. Fred at Real Anglicans. Fred is a black sheep, just doesn't yet ID with that, and is quite conciliatory yet willing to kick your butt. Ah, the mark of the black sheep. Hez got itz.

3. Friends of Jake gets my nod. Always enjoy the excellent postings here.

4. Grandmere also gets my smiling nod. Part pacifist, part punch and seemingly always on the right side of God, though MP might disagree.

5. Mad Priest who makes me laugh, keeps me thinking, and loves animals.

6. Episcocamp, starring Lynn and Fred. Here, between wonderful music, some great recipes and some great thought, I feel quite at home.

7. Susan Russell, An Inch At A Time. She has more patience than Mars has candy bars. Anyone with that kind of patience and wherewithal definitely deserves this award.