Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some New Minions and Other Stuff

Today was photo update day, so here are some photos of several new minions, beautiful cats, all.

First, Beauty. This is a fabulous cat, VERY sweet, excellent with children. She is affectionate and really a 10+ cat... and her name fits her well.

She was given up, sadly, with her friend Bella (below) from a family that was developing allergies; one of the most common reasons people give up cats, though often it really isn't necessary.

They are both feeling comfortable here, though after about 12 days, so they are now free to do what they like. They are being slowly transitioned off dry food onto wet food, and tomorrow we are trying raw food for them to see if that transition is easier. Usually it is not, but you never know.

Bella is an incredible cat. Absolutely gorgeous. As you can see, she has found a basket to sleep in and is taking a wee cat nap (or was until I snuck up on her!).

Here is a picture of Whaler, taken today, and perhaps one of the better photos given he does NOT like the camera and resists whenever I try to photo him. Silly cat.

Whaler was found sitting on a street corner wailing away, but he actually got his real name from his weight... at 25 pounds, he was a "whale" when he came in, though he looks almost perfect now. He's a real character.

Finally, here's Chuckie, a 12yo cat twice abandon- ed. What crummy luck, eh? He has a number of medical issues we are trying to straighten out, so it is evident no one really EVER took good care of him, poor fella! But given he was as close to dead as a cat could be when we got him (we lost his brother, Spencer, sadly), I would have to say he has improved remarkably.

And here is a shot of some mini roses that finally decided to bloom.

Now... on dogs, take Stein's advise seriously!

Update: Watch his you tube vid (From CBS)... and GET A DOG!