Saturday, April 25, 2009

Newt's Nuclear Fear Mongering

Remember all the hype over North Korea's recent missile failure with Newt co-starring as Mr. Negative Scare-the-Pants-Off-You Fear Monger with his electromagnetic doomsday groove?

Well, Gordon Prather over at has a thing or twenty to say about how this gabob of scary science actually works.

So, here is Newt doing acting in the assigned GOP role of Mr. Negative Scare-the-Pants-Off-You Fear Monger (video, 3:05) :

And here is's great piece on the topic.

Now in regard to the missile itself and international law, again I refer you to Scott Ritter's fine piece on the subject, here, at

So, now come out from those bomb shelters, ditch the shovels and boards, put the solar radio and canned beans back on the shelf and have a lovely weekend. We're covered.