Saturday, April 11, 2009

The GOP is Dead Says Conservative Batchelor

Jon Batchelor is a conservative talk radio host. He is not of the ilk of Glen Beck or Limbaugh. He is cut of very different cloth.

The quotes below come from this article penned by Batchelor and found on his site.

Before you stand and applaud, you really need to read the entire piece. It is actually telling and powerful and a rather clear indictment of what the GOP has become.

And least you think Nixon or Reagan are spared, they most certainly are not spared.

It's a very interesting read from a Republican that isn't on TV screaming at us from a major entertainment news station or savaging just about everything over the radio waves.

The Democrats win just because the Republicans have disqualified themselves as leaders with their greed, cruelty, and surprising clumsiness
The Republican Party's death doesn't really threaten anyone, and I puzzle why
Democrats and independents who vote Democratic spend words and worry debating the look of the corpse. We few Republicans with long memories wander around the cemetery admiring the tombstones and enjoying the rain. I can hear you doubting that this could truly be the end. The final stage of grief is acceptance.
[emphasis mine]

It's an interesting read.