Monday, April 20, 2009

What Bul(l)!

It is hard to like this photo for so many reasons not the least of which is the cross near his head and the actually pretty cool giant Christian symbol he wears across his chest. Too bad it seems meaningless--no, contrary--on the chest of this particular man.

Now, here's a challenge: Type into google Sudan human rights, or click here.

Then type into Google any form of Bul's name and any other word but gay. You know, words like starvation, rape, killing, enslavement... you know those minor things in comparison to GAYS.

Go ahead. Do it.

Now, for brevity, you tell me that Sudan doesn't have bigger problems that gays in Sudan but what does Bul actually talk about? Well it sure as hell isn't Darfur.

Sudan gays seem to be the topic that Bul is not only interested in getting out there, but almost the ONLY topic. Little mention of starvation. Little mention of torture. Little mention of displacement. Almost nothing (if ANYthing) on Darfur.

Now ask yourself this... WHY are we (the corporate WE as in TEC) in any way shape or form supporting with US dollars a Bishop that doesn't seem to be able to speak out on killings, kidnappings, rapes, murders, violence etc. but manages to speak out plenty on gays and receives money FROM gays to say nothing about anything else?

Go ahead. Ask yourself that.

And when you come up with something actually reasonable (even slightly reasonable), please post it.)

I don't want to hear that we as Episcopalians have to help the people of Sudan through the church. Bullshit. When Bul says NOTHING about these problems, and clearly spends his time on anything BUT, that is, well just bullshit. Knee deep bullshit.

Why not send the money to humanitarian groups that don't view these problems in this way and don't sort the wheat/chaff this way either?

And then, just let me ask this:

Did Christ talk about the poor, the afflicted or did he rang on about gays? Go ahead, give me the voluminous diatribes of Christ on gays side by side with his rants on poverty, love, etc. I'm just dying (as are, no doubt, the people in Sudan) to see them.