Thursday, April 2, 2009

Okay... HERE is the Latest Addition (Really!)

Meet Ragu (mom) and this absolutely ENORMOUS kitten, Noodle. This kitten, about an hour old in this shot, was the singular kitten for this mom and was born a startling 8" long--enormous.

This is the kitty we took in with six kittens that was preggers--again. This will be the last time though... she will be getting spayed as soon as her kitten is 10 weeks old, and she is strictly an indoor cat now.

Noodle has a cute little Maynard Krebs goatee... though we're not sure if the kitten is a male or female yet (she is at a foster home, much quieter for her than being here).

In the photo, the kitten is a few hours old.

Click on the pic to enlarge.