Thursday, February 26, 2009

Continuing Cat-astrophe! (with slideshow)

If you would like, you might want to watch the slide show I have done to Bonnie Raitt's "Home", from a very early and excellent album. You can view it and listen here. It's music and photo heavy so takes a bit to load but don't give up!

I'm trying to upload it to You Tube, but it is giving me fits.

These are three of the remaining twelve cats we need to find rescues/fosters/homes for. They are here with me, so I am getting to know them quite well. Actually, two additional cats will come in soon, we hope. The family in foreclosure is being difficult. They have a lot to deal with, though their concerns really don't seem to extend past themselves right now to the cats.

We need to move these three on so we can pull three more out of very expensive boarding.

I think you will enjoy this.

Nice with a glass of wine, the phone off, and the door shut. Really is quite lovely I think.