Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some News For The Day

For those of you interested in endangered species, the Canadian lynx just got a big boost! Read here.

The woman mentioned in the article, Julie McDonald, also fussed with the listing of a species here which we presently have in court on environmental litigation under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). She did one helluva lot of damage to somewhere between 75 and 100 species while in DOI under Bush.

On a personal note, I have one extremely swollen ankle and not a CLUE what I have done. Looks like it is going to require a clinic visit, so please keep me in your prayers. It is waaaaay owie.

If you don't read one other thing this weekend on the GOP, read this from the Huff Post. It is masterfully written and VERY inclusive. Get a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite wine, and read it through, clicking on the links. It is fabulously funny in a hehehe kind of way.