Sunday, February 1, 2009

Health Care: Helping Friends and Congregants + More

Someone sent this to me today, and I want to forward it. As everyone surely knows, many are without any kind of health care coverage (me, for instance), and those that have cobra may not be able to afford it long. We HAVE to do something in this country about health care.

I hope it is helpful to you or to a friend, someone from your parish or someone else wise uninsured that needs help.

I cannot personally speak to the veracity of each contact, but sure worth a try if one has nowhere else to go!

On the political front, the GOP is all over the map.

Most of the congressional types are hollering and hooting the stimulus bill saying that what we need are tax cuts. You don't even want to hear the words I am spitting right now.

Fact is, we tried tax cuts for the last eight years and look where (the hell!) we are!

The point of opposing the stimulus package for the GOP is taking THE opposite position of anything and everything dem. For God's sake, most (except three) didn't even vote for the Lily Ledbetter equal pay act.

It's true, we mere wimmin don't deserve fair pay. We need to be silent, walk behind our men (if we have or want one), and just nod approvingly when we are discriminated against. Nevermind that most single families are headed by women. Nevermind the kids. Why we wimmin cannot just go along (with discrimination) to get along is beyond me. You all certainly know I would. We shouldn't even HAVE a poverty line. People just need to work even when there isn't any and be thankful that they are underpaid.

On the other hand, the GOP governors are lining up with their tin cups (huge tin cups, at that) for stimulus money. That woman (from the north) is right in line with the others. Her supporters are pissed (along with being pissed at any governor that might be considered a future GOP presidential candidate). Wah Wah.

The bottom line is this: Congressional members are holding out so one of them can run in 2012 (if we still have a country) saying they didn't vote for it. Strange almost every single one voted for the TARP bill that has NO oversight. Governors, knowing their states are at or near bankrupcy, ARE lining up. They have to if they WANT to try to run in 2012.

This is what happens to a failed party. This is what happens when we war ourselves into such severe debt under a failed party. Cuts? Well, here's an idea: Cut the damn defense budget and get the hell out of the middle east and do it NOW.

I have to tell you, the red bloggers are hemoraging about now. They, too, are more concerned about politics than people. Don't go look. I do that so you don't have to, thus am not linking.

You'll just have to take my word on this one.
Then, of course, a new bill was introduced by Edward Markey (d-Massachusetts) (and here is Alaska rep. Begich's thinking on this, and here from a Native American perspective) to Congress by to protect Alaska's ANWR. Please remember that the R in ANWR stands for Refuge. Thank God for Massachusetts rep Edward Markey.

My opposition to oil/gas research/drilling in ANWR has been present as long as it has been talked about and that opposition, in the face of global warming, has gotten stronger.

We must not put our monetary resources into carbon-based fuels. Rather, we must look at ways to increase CO2 sinks, and support efficient and effective green technologies. And right now, in the midst, we MUST conserve. So turn out those lights (and hopefully ALL of them are energy efficient light bulbs!). When you heat the oven, cook a LOT at once. Better winterize and summarize your homes and dress warmer in the winter house. Drive less. And for those in the west... PLEASE use water carefully.

Of course she supports it. Why? Well, because the people of Alaska LIVE off of oil. Alaskans pay no state tax. Her continual denial of the size of the project (she keeps using the 2,000 acre figure... which is patently wrong) says a great deal about what is primarily wrong with the project.

If you have to lie about it, it isn't good. Period.

Please support Markey's bill and ask your federal reps to do likewise by co-sponsoring the bill.

You can contact your legislators here. Takes one minute. Tell your reps to support Markey's bill to protect ANWR. That's all you have to say.

note: I don't normally link to sites I disagree with, but I think they are worth reading to understand their side of the issue so you can defend the other side.
For some overall politcal snark, go here. Short and, um, sweet (not). I certainly enjoyed it and chuckled a bit in the way only elitist liberal snobs can. Well, that's what we're told, anyway.
Finally, for you media types, this is pretty interesting on how Kennedy, Blago and She botched it with the press. I don't agree with it all, but it is surely writing to read.

Have a great Sunday evening.