Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Sunday So.Cone Hypocrisy ala Orombi

First I want to make a disclaimer that I am not in Africa or of African culture. I am, however, Episcopalian (thus in the Anglican Communion) so I do understand a bit about our shared faith and consider myself at least "up" on the arrows of attack at TEC's ++Katharine Jefferts Schori, and am all too up to speed on several of the African Bishop or PB types which made the reading I will refer to all the more, um, peculiar.

So, when I read this (it is a bit old, dating back to January 20 and I hate to link it, but have to in this case), I was puzzled. In fact, not just puzzled, humored actually.

Like Akinola, Orombi is a verbal flame thrower especially about lgbt issues. Gay this, gay that... geez. Is there absolutely NOTHING else to talk about EVER?

Apparently there is.

Here is a test: Read Orombi's words and think about the number of ways he violates his own thoughts whether violation of his own position, that of TEC, ++Jefferts Schori or other clergy, his (self-stated, I don't think he is orthodox at all!) orthodoxy etc.

1. God “never blesses corruption and stealing,” he said.
My comment... gee, ya think? Now how about you give back all those parishes while your at it? Oh and don't forget the other assets and the candlesticks.

2. For Uganda to break free from the grip of sin and pagan practices, “this country [must] face and deal with the ugly face of corruption if health should come to the nation.”

Of course this should be balanced against this, as reported (no changes from original):

The Diocese of Northern Uganda last week reported that Archbishop Orombi upbraided Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng, asking why the royal bwola dance had not been performed during his visit to several rural archdeaconries. Performed only on the orders of a chief, the bwola dance is one of the highpoints of the culture of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda. The dance is performed at state ceremonies, funerals of local dignitaries and during the visit of important guests to the region. [sic]

The bishop responded that his archdeacons had declined to authorize the dance, as they thought it would be disrespectful to offer “pagan” dances at Christian worship services. [emphasis mine]

Archbishop Orombi told the Northern Uganda clergy that it not only was permissible, but desirable to used “sanctified local songs and dances to worship the Lord,” the diocese said. Comment: Oops. But then hey, a little hypocrisy usually goes unnoticed, right?


Of course, Louie Crew was on to this long ago. He had his own set of questions and I think the answers are obvious, if not then, now.

What's your favorite O-hypocrisy?