Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dinner Time!

Just finished the dog/cat laundry in pre- paration for more rain, and now it is time to feed the many minions, K9 and feline.

Then out come the two dish drainers, we wash everything, let them air dry, and stack for morning. Some--those that need to for various health reasons--eat a few times a day. We have a preggers kitty here now, so she is eating five times/day.

Then we wash and recycle the cans and, again patrol the cat boxes and yards.

But the following is what makes it so worthwhile! Houdini, one of the fore- closure cats (the snooz- ing blue tabby /white). Skunkie, one of the foreclosure cats (the tuxie). Bobbie, one of the foreclosure cats (tabby/white).