Monday, February 23, 2009

My Cat-Astrophy

There are days when I feel like this cat looks. This is Houdini apparently pondering his foot... or could it be the feather on a stick almost in his grasp?

We are still madly searching for rescues/fosters for the remaining 12 cats of the 20 taken from the Los Angeles home. The trapper is still trying to get the two remaining indoor cats trapped, and the family is giving him fits as they are not being cooperative.

Gads, all this work and they are not being cooperative you ask? Yep. Go figure.

After one week, the cats here (seven, there are five remaining boarded at the vet plus a dog--and of course it's a pitbull, the hardest breed to place, and especially to place correctly) are greatly improved. You can just see how much better they feel to be out of their former environment with great food and clean air and (gads!) even a clean cat box!

One has gone to another rescuer, Blacknose (photo taken in former home), and Fergie (black, photo at vet) will be following her sister on Wednesday to the same rescue.

Feeding time has turned into sheer chaos! I now carry bowls around on a tray like a waitress. No tips yet. And no bartender to give me a free scotch and water at the end of the night, either.

I must be doing this wrong:)