Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Name Game

Hat tip to I just love Stewart. He always seems to get it right.

Here we have Sununu v. Jon Stewart on a variety of recent political issues:

Yesterday, I pointed out that the religious right doesn't WANT to be called the religious right anymore because of the negative connotation. As Thom Hartman and others note, this is a traditional approach to reality for the right. Up is down, war is peace. Many attribute the strategy to Karl Rove. You can see much of this in Sununu as he attempts to avoid eight years of Bush economics, and avoids truth almost altogether.

Well today, amazingly, Blackwater has decided to change its name, too. They will now be Xe (pronounced like the letter "Z"). Why? Well, they say it reflects a change in business. LOL. It's pretty obvious that like the religious right, they made a real mess of their business. It's reported by the AP, here.

If you don't really know the history of Blackwater and why they got the bad rap (which they so deserve), read here to get a whiff of the stench. There are many related articles at the link. Wiki covers them here. Wiki's links under 'Further Reading' has many very interesting articles on them.

So in honor of the new trend of renaming things, in the case of Blackwater... errr Xe, we will actually return to calling them what they are: The Hire-A-Mercenary Company. There. All better.

It got me to thinking about how familiar we in TEC are with this strategy. Theft is ownership. Lies are truth (as Mark Harris reports on, but I note Mark does not outright call the missing bishops issue a lie, that is my take). Leaving is staying. And one of my favorites, schismatics are traditionalists while the 'Big Tent' represents revisionism. Don't even let get me started on the term orthodox!

So, in keeping with the logic of the right, I am now branding the religious right "schismatics" (hey, they wanted a new name and it does suit their history!). Our TEC schismatics can now be called the "religious right" (which they clearly are). See how easy this is?

There. We can just rename whatever we want now, truthful or not.

How about we just rename everything as our hearts desire. That would just assure even less communication and understanding which is apparently what the right takes as meaningful dialogue anyway as evidenced by their recent whining about bipartisanship.

So, I wanted to share a photo of one of my new cat who is inside sniffing a table.

Who needs to learn a foreign language when we can commit 'lexicide'?