Friday, February 6, 2009

News for the A.M.: Small Chairs, Justice Ginsburg + More

First let me say I have no clue what the result of the Primate's meeting means. I am still pondering that so not touching that one.

Well, the world won't come to an end over this one: I need a bigger chair. I just got a bigger chair and this was the result. So, I guess I will try a couch, something I didn't want to do.

It's not like they don't have nifty places to sleep... they have five chairs, and an additional five baskets with flannel blankies in the bottoms, and a warming board to boot. And they do sleep in them and on the board. But not today, I guess. Two cats moved when they saw that thing that makes weird noises and flashes lights (the dig camera) so this pic reflects the best it gets these days.

The really fat cat on the footrest, Whaler, is now only 16 lbs. (probably now 15.5), down from 25 lbs. You can imagine what he looked like at 25 pounds. You wouldn't be seeing the footrest at all.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs our prayers. Read about her unique Judicial history on women's issues here. A short first quote from the Salon article:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so slight, so frail, so like your bubbe in her tight bun and Boca-size glasses, was pissed.

When she read aloud from the bench a summary of her dissent in Gonzales v. Carhart, her words were incandescent, shimmering with rage and steely reason. The protection of reproductive rights, she said, is not a matter of "some vague or generalized notion of privacy" but of "a woman's autonomy to decide for herself her life's course, and thus to enjoy equal citizenship stature."

Of course it is important to note that when Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, he shored up another sagging section of women's equality; equal pay for equal work. It is also important to note that our lgbt planet partners remain short of equality, something I know you regs are working on!

The only positive thing to note about Justice Ginsberg's potential for leaving the US Supremes is that should she chose to retire, we have a constitutional law attorney for president and stand a good chance of getting a good judge to replace her--and hopefully a woman--but I hope that is not necessary soon. Ginsburg is brilliant and is fiery when she needs to be; two traits I so appreciate.


At 9pm ET, actress Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife CEO Rodger Schlickeisen will be on CNN's Larry King talking about she-from-the-north's brutal aerial wolf/bear hunting program. As you no doubt know, Defender's pre-presidential election video on this brutal practice really brought it into the public fore.

In response to a new video on the issue, she-from-the-north has branded Defender's as a "extreme fringe" wildlife group. Coming from her, that is laughable. Apparently caring for the least of these doesn't enter into her picture, but it sure enters into mine.

Reader's Digest awarded Defender's as the "best wildlife charity". That noted, ask yourself just how fringe Defender's could be!

Here is Judd's new one-minute appeal to help save the wolves.


Finally, Devilstower over at DKos has written an excellent piece, The President and Private Pay. I really urge you to read it for an interesting historical perspective on the GOP and (oh no!) socialism (the hot-button word of recent weeks). Kos' McJoan has also written an excellent piece on the economic abyss we are poised at the edge of and note that she doesn't quote Joe-the-former-but-wasn't-really-a-plumber-nor-war-correspondent, rather Nobel Laureate, Paul Krugman.