Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gay Bloggers Make WaPo + IRD on Bish. Elect Forrester

Just so you know... and I bet those sites get a ton more trolls in the near future.

But I suppose what the article shows is the influence and effect of organizing around issues and common ground. That is great!

Those of you that follow you know who (the standing limply kind) and other such sites, IRD, have probably read about this. From Talk to Action:

"IRD rarely passes the laugh test anymore. IRD is staffed by Anglican schismatics who are
not even members of the Episcopal Church USA. They can say what they want,
but why should anyone care?" [emphasis mine]

Why indeed. I have always wondered why that Baptist you-know-who cares about TEC. Maybe it's just a neat way to make a living. Frankly, I am not interested enough in what the Baptists do to care except when they invoke things Anglican or Episcopal.

IRD reminds me of that old nosy woman neighbor in Bewitched who was always spying on neighbors Samantha and Darin. WHY do they care?

Mark Harris has some thoughts on the (Bishop) issue here.