Monday, March 23, 2009

Bobby Jindal v. Mt. Redoubt

A while back, I wrote on the absurdity of GOP pres-hopeful Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal coming to the rather bizarre conclusion that volcano monitoring by the US Geologic Survey (USGS) was somehow unneeded (not to mention his figures were wrong) .

Well ya know, apparently if you are a republican, you don't need volcano monitoring or fruit fly research and the economic situation is just a "mental recession" and all that stuff. You just need to look into a camera and talk gibberish as here:

I've been tracking Redoubt volcano for months. Coming from a geology background, I have an interest in much the GOP completely ignores. You know, stuff like, um, everything science.

Volcanos and tornados, unlike hurricanes, don't announce their intentions as openly. Redoubt has gone from yellow to orange to yellow to orange to red. Or something like that, anyway.

And so yesterday, the volcano Gods spoke unleashing their fury at Jindal's political and social malfeasance. I think its personal. Can't blame them, I feel the same way.

The point is this: The GOP has more in common with a volcano than they even realize, and yes, we track both. Both are brainless and toxic. Both kill. Neither gives a damn about anything in its path, neither makes much sense, neither is highly predictable and neither has a plan.

So let me be the first to state that I think there is a GOP/volcano conspiracy.

I'm just sure there is.

Heh, you heard it here first.

The GOP is anti-Christian and in bed with the volcano Gods.

Take that, Rick Warren.