Monday, March 9, 2009

Silk the Cat, Update #3

We're getting there. Please keep up the prayers!
Went to the vet today to visit Silk and see how she was doing. She was strong enough that the techs let her walk around the hospital (the vet here is truly a cat person) and they felt if she wanted to, it couldn't hurt. She has been so very sick that the exercise is needed as the poor girl's little muscles will atrophy soon.

I do have to chuckle at her fur boots. She had so many IVs they shaved a pretty large portion of her legs to find a vein that was usable. She was so sick her veins were literally collapsing.

She is not out of the woods yet, but all of this is VERY encouraging. Didn't eat as well today, but that is okay. If that continues, they can put her on appetite enhancers (though sometimes they do not work, and if they do, they often take days... but one has to try!) and also make sure it is not her tummy or intestines bothering her. She will get another blood test tomorrow.

She lost a pound going into this, but has gained back 13 oz. which is excellent. She is also on a protein powder supplement for cats to try to stop the muscle atrophy which, in cats when they lose weight rapidly, onsets quickly.

She is just sneezing mildly and appears to have picked up a wee bit of a cold, but it is not bad. They are treating her right eye, as well. You can see in the picture it seems to be bothering her. Often, when cats get colds, they get eye problems with it.

So... keep up the prayers. They just adore her and she is receiving great care.