Friday, March 6, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request for Silk

I have not been posting much, lately, be- cause of the 22 foreclosure cats.

There are still 11 to find places for, and the family has been using the last two as an excuse not to be evicted ... and foreclosed on. It is a dynamic you would have to be associated with to understand.

Now, I seriously need your help.

Silk, only four years old, one of the cats taken from the home, has been VERY ill. She has had 12 blood/urine tests since arriving at my vet less than a month ago, and one blood transfusion. She arrived at the vet with a serious (perhaps systemic) infection that started with ears that were infected and drowned in pus. Ick. Even I, who has seen just about everything, can safely pen that.

PLEASE say prayers for Silk. My Dear God, she has been through enough.

The vet and the staff adore her. She is loving, affectionate, and SICK. They are doing everything they can for her.

Now, just a warning... anyone religious that comes here that doesn't believe animals should be prayed for... well, you are at the wrong park bench. Get off.

Those of you who are atheists, well figure out a way to help. You are not free and clear from acting, and I am serious about that.

She needs your help, and so do I.

This photo doesn't show the IV or the wee bandaged feet. This is what she looked like after five days at the vet, her ears cleaned up. She looks a lot worse now, but she is a fighter and she is not giving up, and neither are we.