Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cute and Interesting Stuff and Then There's Akinola

I really like this 30-sec PSA from Best Friends Animal Society (Utah) about not buying puppies (from pet stores... they are all puppy mill dogs). Clever. Best Friends is one of the--if not THE--best animal sanctuary and public education group in the country, and recently challenged the US Humane Society to take a look at their policies on pit bulls (and Staffies). Good for them.

Keith Olbermann is one of my media favs on MSNBC, in fact, one of my favs along with Jon Stewart, period. Here he tears into Fox New's Hannity for his support of water boarding in the name of Christianity, and "ear marks" hypocrisy of both "she who comes from the north" and "that loony lady in Minnesota". Then he takes on wacky conservative Fox News Nightmare, Glen Beck who appears to excuse the murderous rampage in Alabama by blaming it on "them" who aren't hearing the political machinations of people like this killer. So I guess the bottom line is this: "Listen to the wacks or they will kill you." Nice.

Watch here:

Gotta love it. If these four are not at the top of the Wack List, I don't know who would be. Oops, well I did leave off a few non-media names.

Oh yeah, and as Olbermann mentioned, about that "crucifix thing"... (and now for the more serious part)...

Olbermann observes that one can say they are Christian, but gee... that whole Christ thing...

Awfully inconvenient when it doesn't match your own rip.

If ANYONE was ripe for that critique, it would be Akinola. Yes, "our" Akinola that should be tossed out of the communion on his freakin fanny RIGHT NOW for (again) advocating harm to lgbt people. But gee, not the first time he has done this.

We cannot expect Rowan to reign him in. That is laughable. Can't reign in a hyper narcissistic personality, but we SHOULD expect the world wide communion to insist on it. If they don't (and they won't) I don't want to be in the damn communion because it will then mean absolutely NOTHING (a little less than it means now, actually) to me.

I don't give a fig for the Communion, actually, and truthfully if the communion is not willing to reign in some misfit like Akinola who squares Christ with prison then we, TEC, are already in the desert.

We're coming up on Easter. Picture a gay Nigerian man on the cross because that is what Akinola is inciting.

That is Akinola's contribution, the best way I can figure, to Easter. Save people from other people rather than themsevles. It's always --->out there somewhere. Never inside. Never separation, always guilt.

I get the Baptist thing, Akinola. Join them, please.