Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Lesson in American Absurd

Before you watch the wee video below (about 2 min), please read the update on the jaguar's court case presented by The Center for Biological Diversity (my all time favorite kick butt group) .

You know, I have been at what I do for a long, long time--over 30 years now. The folks at the Center for Biological Diversity, as you will read here (short), have too. How we can EVER explain what happened to jaguar Macho B is a mystery to me and a tragedy of great and sorry proportion.

But note: The Center's post holds a VERY positive note and possibility. Read the very short piece here.

It is important to ME to understand that the world, in all its glory, be protected and treated kindly. That means everything. EVERY THING.

I think most of you agree.

So what the $(%* was the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) doing in injuring this jaguar to begin with, then lying about his cause of death (link corrected)? And WHY aren't people screaming from the mountain tops that we have an agency that harms and kills AND lies all under the guise of supposed endangered species protection? Why? Why? Why?

The US Dept. of Interior (which oversees US Fish and Wildlife Service) is SOOOOO screwed up (and the last eight years haven't helped and, frankly, neither has Obama's weak appointee DOI Secretary Salazar whose first major decision allows the killing of wolves in the Rocky Mountain States. I really, really, really am disappointed in both Obama and Salazar, though far more the first given the second was an early call).

This was the LAST known US Jaguar. The very last one. There ARE no more. None.

And talk about use of good judgment... watch the lesson in absurd.

Save a life, get a ticket.

This entire mentality just HAS to change.

What the hell have we become in this country that we tolerate this crap?