Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Has Connecticut Gone Off the Rails?

This is really odd: Two Connecticut legislators were proposing a bill to alter the method of decision making on parish finance spending. Yes you read that right: the government was attempting to legislate how churches operate. Oy.

You can read about the issue here. The RCs went wild, though the original concept appears to have been forwarded by a group called Catholics for Better Governance and according to this article would have applied to TEC and some other national churches as well.

While I can understand why some folks in Connecticut were upset over spending (given the theft and fraud that was reveled there in two RC dioceses), moving towards government intervention in church affairs is not the way to get the situation handled. Of course, the RCC's entirely vertical decision making structure may not be the best (and here let me state that isn't for me to judge or decide, that is for RCs to decide), the concept of government intervention in church structure (versus criminal acts) is unacceptable.

What were they thinking!

And, of course (sigh) some tie this bill to these legislators' support of same gender marriage in the state. Good grief. Is there anything someone won't blame on same gender marriage? If the dog catcher goes wild, I suppose that is the fault of same gender marriage?