Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on Silk the Cat... PRAYERS please!

I walked in the door of the vet today and everyone was smiling. My favorite receptionist, a peppy and joyous young woman with a face and smile that would stop a train and a heart that is generously in grace, led me back joyously... and there was Silk... eating from a disposable spoon.

She is not out of the woods by ANY means. This has happened before with her, but this is very encouraging.

So... you are obviously a powerful bunch... PLEASE keep praying (and whatever it is you atheists do!) to support her.

You cannot imagine what my vet bill is right now. Really, you cannot. Scares me silly, but I will make it or find it. Goes with the (rescue) territory.

This is a courageous cat that is fighting. She is not willing to go gently into that goodnight--just yet.

Those of you that know and understand dogs and cats, you know when that light is gone and have likely seen it in their eyes. That is where it shows. That isn't happening here right now, though last week she was literally a blob of life in every way.

I held her for 1/2 hour, then had to leave, but the vet staff there, that adores her, is taking GREAT care of her. I could never ask more. The tech told me that when they were transfusing her (the vet went in on a Sunday and so did the tech to do this), they couldn't even find a vein because her blood pressure was so low. But he didn't give up (he's been there 15 years) and he finally got it, and voila!

Believe me, this is one of those miracle cases and my fabulous vet has conferred with specialists, as well.

I believe this cat will live. I really do. But I need YOUR help to make it so. Please continue to pray. Please.

I meant to take a camera today, but this week has been so terrible (for many, many reasons) that I feel, myself, overwhelmed. I will take pictures on Monday.

But for a nicer and updated 1:37 on five of the other cats from this, go here.

This slideshow (with music) is the three week difference between filth, hoarding and a terrible diet to clean, free and on a good diet. I wish you all could actually SEE them and the difference. It is truly remarkable.