Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Archbishop Deng Proclaims God Errors!

Brace yourself. It turns out Archbishop Dang created the world.

I know, I know. Stop the griping. We all thought God, the perfection, did it.

But no. As it turns out, Dang has found an "error" in the perfect God proving, once again, that those GAFCON types truly are right. They got the serious juice.

Bishop Gene Robinson, a child of God, is an "error" according to Deng.

That's right folks, God made a big boo boo.

I suggest you search your own family for other God mistakes or boo boos and report them immediately. God needs it in writing.

Ironically, Deng was formerly positioned as the Bishop of Renk and Chair of the Commission for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation in Sudan. (Really! No joke! Proving, once again, a title doesn't mean much in a different context, does it?)

So folks, I know this comes as a shock in the middle of Lambeth, but I hope you can adjust. Any carvers of stone should apply. Engineers would be good too. Don't want that thing falling over.