Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As Lambeth Begins, Please Pray For Them All

As The Lead reports today, serious sanctions may be taken against those who are going to Lambeth against the wishes of their Archbishop.

A Nigerian net newspaper, Which Way Nigeria reports today on the situation there in the Anglican Communion, and how some there view the focus on lbgt issues there and in the west unimportant given the rampant poverty and disease in Nigeria. While some Nigerians desire to move out of the Anglican Communion, for now, at least, it appears that is something Archbishop Akinola of the Anglican Church of Nigeria seems reluctant to do.

Please keep the faithful at Lambeth particularly in your prayers, the brave from Uganda and Kenya that are, in faith, attending Lambeth. We do need, however, to pray for those who disagree with us and dislike us.

May the Peace of The Lord be with them, and all attending Lambeth. And also, of course, for Bishop Gene Robinson, at Lambeth, but not invited.