Saturday, July 26, 2008

Congress Gets Three Single-Digit Salutes: Retired Minister, Three Catholic Workers In the Pokey After Attempting a Citizens Arrest on Rove


There are two things I am pretty sure apply to life in the U.S.: First, there are two sets of laws, one for rich and one for poor. If you fall into the latter category, God help you. Second, the saying 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' is fanciful bunk. They may fall over temporarily, but big-wig politicos are resurrected by other big-wig politicos and helped into new lives. Scooter Libby and Oliver North are two that come to mind.

Take Carl Rove, considered President Bush's top advisor, for instance. Rove resigned last August. He's rich and powerful (so apply a different set of laws), and the monolith of a man just doesn't crumble let alone fall.

Despite the subpoena issued to him to testify before Congress on July 10, Rove refused to appear invoking a protection twisted to the breaking point in doing so. In essence, Rove has given congress a single-digit salute.

Like Rove, former White House counsel Harriet Miers, and former Chief of Staff Josh Bolton have also refused to testify when subpoenaed. Both their cases are currently in federal court. The House has voted to hold Miers and Bolton in contempt. Let us hope Rove is added to the House contempt list.

Others, however, have contended that Rove should be jailed. Four such people, one a retired Methodist minister and three Catholic Workers, attempted to make a citizens arrest on Rove today where he was speaking at a Des Moines, Iowa GOP fund-raiser. Instead, the four were, themselves, hauled off to the clink. The four cited Rove's refusal to testify before Congress, his involvement in manufacturing evidence to promote the Iraq war, and the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame as reasons for their act of conscience.

If you love Bush, you probably love McCain. Or McSame as many are now calling him. More and more, Bush staff are becoming McCain advisers, including Rove.

God help the world if "Bush's Brain", a term applied to Rove, ends up in the White House as an adviser again. We are cracking and falling apart after eight years of Rove's thinking. An irony, indeed, that he's not.