Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kacee's First Two Minutes At Dog Park Today

Kacee never really has enjoyed the car much, but over time, he came to realize that almost all car rides had a happy ending at... the dog park! Yeah! Now he jumps in the car (he's going to have a bit of a surprise next month when he goes to the vet to get neutered:) and off we go.

This is a pictoral representation of his first two minutes at the dog park today. When people see him come in, they point and laugh and everyone now knows him by name. He is a great ambassador for his breed, staffie terrier.

Horray! We're Here! Wow, I better go chase those dogs that looks like fun...

This dog is fast... wait a minute... I am having an ear malfunction.

Hold on here. How'd you get behind me? I better speed up...

ALERT! ALERT! Possible crash landing ahead at the water bowl...

Abort landing at water bowl, detour to "Labrador(s)"

...and boxer. Oops, sorry, Ma'am. You okay?